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InterConnect 2015 - "Reasons to Love IBM Java and...
By Elena
13:28PM - Feb 27, 2015
If you missed InterConnect 2015 or just could not get to all sessions of interest, see presentation material for session ASZ-2026 that I co-presented with Marcel Mitran (IBM) called " Reasons to Love IBM Java and WebSphere Application Server on z Systems'. Marcel outlined the latest in innovation and performance with IBM z13 and Java 8 and I presented HCSC WAS on z/OS V8.5.5 x performance data, using Java V6.0.1 & Java V7.1, showing how we achieved up 30% CPU reduction with WAS on z/OS V8.5.5.1 and Java V6.0.1 and additional 10-12% with WAS on z/OS V8.5.5.2 and Java V7.1. I also included lessons learned and best practices information. Java V8 on z/OS goes GA on 3/6/15 and IBM intends to exploit 64-bit SDK for z/OS, Java V8 in IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile for z/OS, and full profile of WebSphere Application Server for z/OS. See Software Announcement 215-004 - Here are some performance highlights using Java V8 and z13 - - Java SDK 8 applications running with z13 Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) enabled zIIP specialty engines can achieve throughput improvements of up to 50% compared to Java 7 on zEC12 - Customers running Encryption Facility to share sensitive files with business partners may encrypt their data using clear key in half the time and reduce the CPU time by one third when using IBM 64-bit SDK for z/OS, Java V8 8 on z13 compared to using Java 7.1 on zEC12 (source - ) Also read related article 'JAVA PERFORMANCE ON IBM Z SYSTEMS: IBM Z13 AND IBM JAVA SDK 8'
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Java EE 7 and beyond: Explore new and exciting...
By khatch
16:02PM - Feb 19, 2015
This webcast will showcase new and exciting technologies IBM WebSphere Application Server is introducing through the continuous delivery model for production environments, as well as through the latest beta driver. New features delivered through continuous delivery model enable you to deliver continued business value to your business and quickly respond to marketplace changes. Additionally, this webinar will focus on demonstrating two new exciting technologies – WebRTC and Log Analytics using the latest beta.
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Expert advice for seamless API security
By khatch
17:12PM - Feb 12, 2015
APIs power the mobile economy. The demanding developer base that creates mobile applications looks to you to create APIs that will help them build faster, better, cheaper, relevant mobile applications that will help them engage their customers in the mobile economy. View this presentation to learn solutions to painful API development roadblocks.
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Using Open Technology across Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data...
By khatch
17:30PM - Feb 5, 2015
Three of the biggest, game changing trends are Cloud, Mobile and Big Data. They offer companies the flexibility to meet their customers’ changing demands and transform business models in new and exciting ways.
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Explore the latest advances in MQTT: How it became the...
By khatch
15:55PM - Feb 3, 2015
MQTT has been around for a number of years, but it is really taking off now that it is considered to be the connectivity protocol of choice for machine-to-machine and mobile environments, particularly to transport messages in the Internet of Things. Attend this webcast to learn more about this publish/subscribe technology, hear about recent advances to the platform, and what it means to the market now that MQTT 3.1.1 is an official Oasis standard. Whether you are trying to make the most of your current MQTT applications or are contemplating making the switch from another protocol, come and hear about MQTT's advantages.
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Write less code: Accelerating development agility of...
By khatch
15:28PM - Jan 29, 2015
Explore the unique capabilities provided by IBM DataPower Gateway, IBM API Management and IBM MobileFirst to accelerate market delivery of Mobile applications and increase developer productivity. This session will provide expert advice on how developers can easily build mobile applications and write less code, leveraging the security, integration, and analytics capabilities from the IBM Mobile product portfolio to quickly meet business requirements for mobile channels.
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Introducing IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation (formerly...
By khatch
15:34PM - Jan 13, 2015
This is the presentation from the Jan. 13, 2015 "Introducing IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation (formerly IBM Worklight): Learn what's new in IBM MobileFirst Foundation v6.3" webcast. With mobile beginning to lead the way in terms of transactions, the territory is rife with opportunity, but application developers can run into roadblocks because of the landscape’s ever-expanding variety of devices and operating systems, as well as form factors and standards. IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation, formerly called IBM Worklight, aims to help businesses branch seamlessly into mobile. The open platform, available as an on-premises or private cloud solution, allows developers to build, test, run and manage native, hybrid, and mobile web applications.
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Building intelligent APIs to power your mobile economy
By khatch
16:13PM - Dec 18, 2014
This is the presentation from the Dec. 18, 2014 "Building intelligent APIs to power your mobile economy" webcast. APIs power the mobile economy. The demanding developer base that creates mobile applications looks for you to create APIs that will help them build faster, better, cheaper, relevant mobile applications that will help them engage their customers in the mobile economy. Attend this webcast to learn solutions to painful API development roadblocks.
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The Value WebSphere Liberty Profile Brings to z/OSMF
By khatch
10:55AM - Dec 12, 2014
z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) is a set of browser based tools that allow for the management of various aspects of z/OS systems. As of z/OSMF V2.1, the product has been architected to run inside a WebSphere Liberty Profile server on the z/OS platform. This session will start by giving an overview of the capabilities of z/OSMF. In addition, the discussion will cover how WebSphere Liberty Profile is utilized to provide a modular framework for the product to run in. This modular framework allows for the development team to seamlessly provide new functionality as well as to allow users to expand the out of the box functionality with their own features. Our speaker, Gary Puchkoff, works in IBM’s software development organization and is the Lead Architect for the z/OS operating system including z/OSMF. Gary also played a key role on the team that created WebSphere Liberty Profile.
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Inside IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced v8.7:...
By khatch
16:58PM - Dec 1, 2014
This is the presentation from the November 18, 2014, "Inside IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced v8.7: Demos and details" webcast. Your operations can be agile and effective – if your decisions are made with complete understanding of the potential results, gains, and consequences. Be among the first to step through the new features of IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Advanced v8.7—not even available until December—and gain an understanding of how it brings together disparate data to recognize trends and patters and returns actionable intelligence to the business.
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