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Shrink costs and boost flexibility with IBM DataPower...
14:25PM - Oct 1, 2015
The move to public cloud environments shifts management responsibility to cloud vendors and frees in-house resources to focus on other business-critical tasks. Attend this webcast to gain an understanding of how IBM DataPower Gateways help secure, connect, control, and optimize the delivery of a wide variety of workloads including mobile, web, API, SOA and B2B. Learn the benefits of deploying these capabilities in public cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or SoftLayer, as opposed to deploying them on-premises in a physical or virtual form factor. Learn how to take advantage of the optimal set of infrastructure resources and support that come with deploying these services on public cloud environments.
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reserach n development IoT
By wahid
02:02AM - Sep 26, 2015
referensi is research market IoT in eropa
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Rapidly connect a hybrid world of public clouds, private...
14:51PM - Sep 22, 2015
Cloud applications are a must-have for the modern enterprise, making for sleek and dynamic operations that be truly nimble, Organizations that don’t fully integrate cloud applications with on-premises systems of record, however, miss out on the true advantages of cloud computing. The single most important factor responsible for success of cloud applications is how rapidly they can be integrated to each other and to the on-premises systems. “Hybrid Integration” is the key to making the best of your SaaS investments. IBM WebSphere Cast Iron is designed from the ground up with cloud integration in mind. Learn how a simple, configuration-based platform can enable enterprise grade integrations to be built in a matter of days.
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Teach your web apps to communicate in real time using...
13:24PM - Sep 17, 2015
In order to provide the type of services their customers crave, your clients need to be able to provide blazing fast communication capabilities and access important information in the blink of an eye. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) allows for the creation of next-generation communication applications without the need for browser plugins. WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile is changing the way people communicate by making it easy to provide web page context as part of real-time conversations. This webinar will cover all of the real-time communications features recently released in WebSphere Liberty, including the new Rtcomm feature for rapid development of WebRTC based applications, and the open-source Rtcomm client-side libraries.
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WebSphere Liberty Admin Center
09:16AM - Sep 9, 2015
August 18, 2015 - Virtual WUG replay Dana Price, the User Interface Architect for the WebSphere Foundation, presented the web-based user interface for deploying, monitoring and managing WebSphere Liberty environments: the Liberty Admin Center. This demo is for anyone interested in Liberty (developers, administrators, IT architects, technical managers, etc.).
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Transforming IT Services with Pure Application: A...
12:22PM - Sep 4, 2015
This InterConnect 2015 session is a case study detailing how BWI Systeme GmbH migrated to IBM PureApplication System. They migrated their IBM Connections install and made some key design decisions. They have outlined those details as well as provided lessons learned in this slide deck.
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How secure are your mobile apps? Deliver value - not risk...
09:54AM - Sep 2, 2015
The mobile world is exploding and security threats are expanding at an exponential rate. According to Gartner, more than 75% of mobile applications will fail basic security tests through 2015. To insulate yourself from modern security threats and earn the trust of your customers, your applications need to be defended against threats from all sides. Learn how IBM MobileFirst Platform can address your mobile app security challenges, limited not only to security tests for your app, but also threats for the user, device, and application.
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24/08/15 - palestra rational - Gerência de Configuração e...
By Daniela
19:58PM - Aug 31, 2015
palestra de rational:"Gerência de Configuração e Mudança em todas as Disciplinas do ALM - Reuso de Componentes para Múltiplos Produtos e Releases". Palestrante: Marcos Tadeu Brisola Vieira (IBM)
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24/08/15 - palestra websphere - BPM na Olimpiada Rio2016
By Daniela
15:35PM - Aug 28, 2015
apresentacao do cliente EMBRATEL e seu projeto BPM na Olimpiada RIO2016 - Palestrante: Hilton Silva Almeida
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24/08/15 - Introducao
By Daniela
15:32PM - Aug 28, 2015
Apresentacao de abertura da reuniao de 24/08/15 - Daniela Rosa e Fabiola Garzoni
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