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Security in a digital world: Protect against emerging...
15:33PM - Aug 4, 2015
In today’s digital workplace, new threats to the enterprise are emerging every day. Sophisticated networks demand sophisticated security solutions that identify risks at the outset, arm users against breaches before they begin, and stop attacks in their tracks. Attend this webinar to learn about emerging security threats, challenges and best practices that apply to the acceleration of Digital Innovation and Transformation. Learn how select IBM Middleware solutions address the growing importance of end-to-end Security for Cloud, Mobile and API Digital Engagement Channels.
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Application Server introduction
18:27PM - Jul 28, 2015
This is an intro. for web sphere application server
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Modern application development with a blazing fast,...
13:39PM - Jul 23, 2015
WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile is a simple-to-use, powerful application server for increased productivity. Attend this webcast and learn how its composable nature makes it perfect for all environments – small or large, development or production, cloud or on-premises. Get a feel for how the developer-friendly and production-ready runtime works for web, OSGi, and mobile applications. See how extremely fast restart times coupled with a small footprint and ease of use make the Liberty Profile a great option for your application requirements.
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Scale your IT systems to meet the demands of mobile,...
15:42PM - Jul 16, 2015
The dynamics of the IT landscape are rapidly changing, and IT departments are faced with the challenge of maintaining flexible, high-performing systems that enable greater value without disruption to business activities, employees, or customers. Join this webcast to learn how IBMIntegration Bus (IIB) can help bridge the gap between business-critical systems and the evolving macro trends like mobile, cloud and big data without sacrificing performance and scalability.
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IBM Java8 and z13 – Taking your Java Enterprise...
10:35AM - Jul 15, 2015
What happens when the most powerful commercially available machine meets the most popular programming language on the planet? An up-to 2x improvement in throughput for your WAS/Liberty applications - that's what! With the z13 and Java 8, IBM continues to invest aggressively in Java on z performance. With features such as Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT), Vector Facility (SIMD), cryptographic extensions (CPACF) exploitation and more new instructions for Java, IBM z Systems is once again pushing the envelop on Java performance. This session covered several of the key innovations that have propelled the performance of Java applications on the z platform to new heights.
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InterConnect 2015: Five Steps to Securing Your Company's...
10:20AM - Jul 2, 2015
From InterConnect 2015: Organizations face many data protection challenges, but one of the biggest is identifying and prioritizing the 0.01% - 2% of your data that is most important to your organization's survival and success—data that, if compromised, could put you out of business. IBM Data Security Services can help by providing you with a five-stage strategy designed to ensure that your "crown jewels" are protected and kept safe from loss, theft, and damage.
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Implement gamification that engages users and boosts...
15:40PM - Jun 30, 2015
Gamification can increase user engagement and provide high-quality data about your audience, but deployments that are performed incorrectly can fall flat and fail to snag users’ interest. Attend this webcast to learn how to use the IBM Bluemix Gamification service to deliver an engaging experience that draws customers to your site while collecting valuable marketing data. Understand how the IBM Bluemix Workflow and Rules services drive the gamification flow and make decisions based upon business criteria. Hear how these technologies can quickly modify your gamification program based upon changing business conditions.
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2Q15 IBM MQ Appliance Technical Overview
15:30PM - Jun 25, 2015
IBM MQ Appliance Technical Introduction by Honda Bhyant from Prolifics, IBM Business Partner
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2Q15 IBM MQ Appliance Technical Overview
10:25AM - Jun 24, 2015
IBM MQ Appliance Technical Overview presentation by Honda Bhyat, Director of Integration Practice from Prolifics.
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Hybrid Cloud
By Elena
11:41AM - Jun 23, 2015
This presentation was presented by Michael J. Casile (IBM) at Chicago North-West Integration and Cloud Computing WUG meeting on June 11th, 2015. Here is this presentation summary - • Cloud is here, it’s real … it provides great benefits • IBM z System is perfectly positioned • Enterprise Linux Server/IBMWave/IBM Cloud Management • Secure paths from public cloud to Z Systems of Record • z/VM and ELS make a great cloud foundation • 85 hypervisors with 10Tb memory on 4 floor tiles • EAL5+ Security, untouched reliability, easy of use, … • Look at your requirements to determine best Cloud strategy(ies) • Cost, Reliability, Security, … • Don’t forget labor, power, cooling, space, consolidation
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