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Modernize, extend and re-use C/COBOL and PL/I application...
11:12AM - Apr 22, 2014
This is the presentation for "Modernize, extend and re-use C/COBOL and PL/I application assets with TXSeries for Multiplatforms".
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Four Quadrant Analysis
08:32AM - Apr 20, 2014
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The Key to Developing an Integrated Healthcare System for...
14:38PM - Apr 17, 2014
This is the presentation from the April 17th webcast titled “The Key to Developing an Integrated Healthcare System for Rapid ROI”.
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Secure and Optimize Mobile and Web Traffic using Data Power
10:50AM - Apr 15, 2014
This is the presentation from the April 15 webcast titled “Secure and Optimize Mobile and Web Traffic using Data Power”.
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dev@Impact: Learn how IBM Impact 2014 will explore the...
10:28AM - Apr 9, 2014
More than ever before, the role of the developer is crucial to business performance. Refer to this presentation to make the most of the event’s developer-focused sessions at dev@Impact. Discover how to use mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, big data and analytics technologies to build applications quickly. Learn to integrate these solutions using a robust set of tools. Whether a developer at a powerhouse software company or a small business, in this April 8 webcast hosted by Ben Mann of IBM and James Governor of Redmonk.
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How DTCC is Positioning WebSphere Application Server &...
09:48AM - Mar 24, 2014
Digital certificates are a vital component of any internet security solution. z/OS is capable of providing an alternative to paying for these certificates from certificate authorities like GeoTrust, VeriSign or Thawte. Digital certificates can cost as low as a couple hundred dollars for one machine for just one year. Third party software is also an alternative but it can incur its own costs through additional hardware, licensing & support. In comparison, PKI Services is included as part of the base operating system and runs as an application in WebSphere Application Server.
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19 marco 2014 projeto p/importacao no IIB
By Daniela
11:09AM - Mar 20, 2014
projeto com as demonstracoes do JUan que pode ser importado no IIB para auto estudo
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19 marco 2014 IIB - Juan Garay
By Daniela
11:06AM - Mar 20, 2014
ppt do Juan Garay sobre o produto iib v9
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19 Marco 2014 Introducao IIB v9 - Daniela Rosa
By Daniela
11:02AM - Mar 20, 2014
ppt de introducao ao produto IIB v9
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Accelerate service delivery across dynamic cloud...
10:27AM - Mar 18, 2014
Learn about a new model for application deployment and management in dynamic cloud with the introduction of PureApplication Service on Softlayer Beta. Discover how to bring cloud economics, hybrid cloud and unlimited elastic growth to the proven PureApplication platform. Learn how to enable users to create software patterns once, with the flexibility to deploy and run them across private and public cloud options in minutes, rather than weeks or months. Visit the PureApplication Service on SoftLayer Beta website to request access in advance of this webcast, then join the presentation to learn how to get the most from your download.
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