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      Date: Thursday, December 3
      Harness the power of MBaaS to develop mobile apps at the speed of cloud
      11 am US Eastern


      The mobile economy’s abundance of user choices and low switching costs means developers need to deliver faster than ever before. With constant pressure for better, faster, and cheaper apps, developers are pushed to the limits of their infrastructure. How can you move any faster? 

      Find out how you can use Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) to quickly integrate mobile apps with data and functions in security-rich, backend, cloud storage. See firsthand how you can harness capabilities like full data sync, user management, push notifications, integration with social networking services, and file-handling—all before you even begin to create a user interface. Leverage MBaaS to take advantage of full capabilities such as location services and content management – as well as the ability to run business logic and collect app performance analytics.

      Join us to learn: 

      • How to use MBaaS to make your developers more productive and get apps to market faster
      • How to improve your mobile apps with specialized cloud services
      • How to get started right away 

      Date: Thursday, December 10
      Title: Best practices you need to know to develop modern, reliable enterprise web applications for the cloud era
      Time: 12 pm US Eastern


      With the tremendous growth in global SaaS software revenues and a shift toward cloud computing as a new delivery model for enterprise applications, many organizations have started developing new applications for the cloud and have moved their existing applications to the cloud. But how do you get ready to move your enterprise Web or Mobile Applications to the cloud? 

      In this session, find out how you can create a web application that is well designed and implemented for the cloud – from architecture to enterprise capabilities to a modern UI to DevOps in the cloud. 

      Attend this webcast to: 

      • Learn how to use microservices to connect to back-end systems
      • Hear best practices for enhancing security in the cloud 
      • Discover how to leverage a Full Stack interface like AngularJS. 
      • Watch a demonstration showing how to deliver web applications that take full advantage of the benefits that the cloud has to offer. 

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