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      Date: Tuesday, March 10
      Title: Addressing Organizational and Technical Debt with IBM DevOps
      Time: 12 pm US Eastern


      The debts that a company accrues with a flawed development represent a complex operational burden to both IT and business teams. Slow lead times, compliance difficulties, and sluggish infrastructure are just some of the problems.

      Learn to avoid these debts with an IBM DevOps strategy that covers every measure, from platform selection to governance and compliance. Gain best practices and tips to use functions like UrbanCode to support changing business needs. Minimize technical and organizational debts through faster deployment and testing. Shorten lead times for release and set your systems up for a development life cycle that extends to the maximum performance limits of your investments.

      This webcast will address the DevOps capabilities that influence your technical and operational practices, including:

      • Release of known issues
      • Regulation and control implementation
      • Compliance and governance

      Date: Thursday, March 12
      Title: Boost your mobile development: What’s new in MobileFirst Platform Foundation v7.0
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation provides an open, comprehensive platform to build, test, run, and manage mobile applications. Join us to learn about the new features and functions in MobileFirst Foundation v7.0. 

      Version 7.0 enables more efficient mobile development, enhances user engagement, and provides for more secure system integration and the continuous delivery of mobile applications. 

      Join this webcast to learn: 

      • New flexible ways to get started with MobileFirst Foundation, including support for Bluemix 
      • How to use MobileFirst Platform Foundation to connect to Systems of Record 
      • How the platform supports node.js and provides support for iBeacons 

      Date: Tuesday, March 17
      Title: Introducing IBM MQ Appliance: A new way to simplify your messaging infrastructure
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Running and maintaining many messaging servers can become complex and expensive, and growing businesses need messaging that is fast to deploy, simple to maintain, reliable, secure, and cost effective. In this webcast, get an introduction to how IBM MQ Appliance provides the scalability and security of IBM MQ V8, combined with the simple setup, convenience, and low total cost of ownership (TCO) of an appliance. See how IBM MQ Appliance also reduces administrative and infrastructure costs while being fully compatible for deployment with existing MQ environments or in new locations.

      Attend this webcast to learn:

      • Details around the new messaging solution that is built to provide a simpler approach to deployment and management of IBM MQ Queue Managers with a locked-down appliance
      • The benefits and capabilities of IBM MQ Appliance, including the different models available
      • How to leverage Customizable MQ Console browser-based interface for monitoring and configuration
      • Use case scenarios in different enterprise environments
      • How the solution is optimized for the best performance and high availability--as well as how it can save customers time while reducing cost by simplifying deployment, maintenance and administration

      Date: Thursday, March 19
      Title: Best practices to extend business critical traditional language applications on distributed platforms to cloud and mobile
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Sooner or later you’re going to have to modernize the applications at the heart of your enterprise – many of which may be written in traditional languages like COBOL. Join this webcast to learn how to save time and money getting your core applications ready for cloud and mobile devices using TXSeries to reuse existing business logic. 

      Attend this webcast and learn how to: 


      • Reduce the risk associated with modernizing your COBOL, C, C++, Java, and PL/I applications for cloud and mobile 
      • Take advantage of in-bound SOAP support in TXSeries to extend your core COBOL applications to your customers’ mobile devices to ensure 24/7 access to your business applications 
      • Leverage new features of TXSeries delivered on SoftLayer including enhanced platform coverage, improved operational efficiency, and enterprise integration

      Date: Tuesday, March 24
      Title: Expand Your IBM MQ Management with Self-Service, Tracked Messages, and More
      Time: 12 pm US Eastern


      The IBM MQ family of products has evolved into powerful, complex resources—at the same time it has made the MQ Administrator’s life more complex. The applications groups will want to know why their middleware applications have not behaved as expected and therefore the MQ team must prepare to track messages in order to provide the application team with their answer.

      Equipping the DevOps stakeholders with self-service where they can diagnose, test and replay messages can reduce the load on the MQ team at the same time it helps development and test groups. Discover where you can leverage your knowledge of both MQ and other resources to create a complete picture of the technology that supports each decision and action the business encounters.

      This webcast highlights:

      • What capabilities beyond just monitoring MQ exist and how can you leverage them in your organization.
      • How does going beyond monitoring in environments provide benefits to you
      • What value does Nastel offer that can be utilized by your organization to reduce overall cost

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