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      Date: Thursday, April 16
      Title: Simplifying the registry experience: Inside the new WebSphere Services Registry & Repository (WSRR) 8.5.5
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) allows businesses to achieve greater agility, but companies with SOA metadata spread across several locations deal with difficulties in accessing the information and using it in automated processes. In order to fully leverage the power of an SOA, a single point of reference is necessary to effectively manage and govern service data.

      WebSphere Registry and Repository 8.5.5, now generally available, has simplified the registry experience. Attend this webcast to learn about the new release and its enhanced features that allow for a greater ease of use.

      Attend this webcast to learn about:

      • The new single-service view which has all service information at your fingertips.
      • How to easily register new and existing services, including tremendous speed up in the loading of technical information such as WSDLs and XML Schema Definitions.
      • How to register consumption of a service with automatic creation of Service Level Agreements.
      • The ease of loading several new services into the registry from a spreadsheet.
      • The new, simplified service management profile and out-of-the-box service consumption reports that are now available.

      Date: Thursday, April 23
      Title: Perception is reality: How to track user sentiment and continuously improve your mobile applications
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Learn how the IBM MobileFirst Platform can help you to track public perception of your mobile apps by monitoring the public app stores, analyzing and categorizing user feedback into useful metrics that help you to spot emerging trends, and quickly address performance issues before they cause lasting damage to your user experience and your company’s reputation. 

      Join this webcast to learn: 

      • How to monitor your application’s public perception via a cloud-based service. 
      • How to spot emerging trends before they become larger issues.
      • How you can quickly remediate those problems and continuously improve your apps. 

      Date: Tuesday, April 28
      Title: What’s new in IBM Business Process Manager 8.5.6
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Process improvement can appear a daunting prospect in an intricate business network, but companies that gain greater visibility into business operations stand to benefit from streamlined operations and reduced costs. IBM Business Process Management (BPM) allows enterprises to discover, document, automate, and continuously improve business processes. 

      Join this webcast to find out about the capabilities in the newest version of IBM Business Process Management and IBM Business Monitor. BPM 8.5.6 has improved Enterprise Quality of Service by introducing new migration facilities, platform management and a variety of architectural and usability improvements. 

      Join this webcast to learn about: 

      • New case management enhancements, including better support for BPM-ECM integrations and the ability to link cases and process instances. 
      • Federated Portal infrastructure, supporting migration and isolation scenarios and allowing businesses to massively scale their BPM environments. 
      • Additional capabilities allowing customers to integrate a mobile UI with their business processes.