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      Date: April 15, 2014
      Title: Secure and optimize mobile and web traffic using IBM WebSphere DataPower
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Gain in-depth insight on how and why to take advantage of the support for JavaScript and WebSockets, which complement the existing IBM WebSphere DataPower Processing Policy features. Attend this webcast to hear how these technologies extend the possibilities for JSON and Web-centric content processing. Step through a live demo of how you can expand your usage of IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances for mobile and web workloads.

      April 17, 2014
      Title: The Key to Developing an Integrated Healthcare System for Rapid ROI
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      As client expectations become more demanding and IT infrastructures grow to be more complex, it is increasingly important for healthcare organizations to manage the seamless integration of their applications, data and systems. Attend this webcast and learn to support an existing infrastructure, drive new insights, and achieve better patient care.

      In addition, discover how healthcare providers can build a flexible IT foundation with IBM Integration Bus (IIB) and streamline healthcare connectivity while providing business users with real-time information for more informed decision making. Come away from this webcast with:

      • A greater understanding of why a unifying IT foundation is a healthcare imperative 
      • Details on how the IIB Healthcare Pack can accelerate development and deployment of integration solutions 
      • Best practices to gain the greatest return on investment on your organization’s skills and technology 
      • Additional resources to help you get started today

      April 22, 2014
      Title: Modernize, extend and re-use C/COBOL and PL/I application assets with TXSeries for Multiplatforms
      Time: 11 am US Eastern 


      Overcome the challenges often faced with using a transaction processing monitor—a key component to manage and augment transactional processes—in core systems written in C/COBOL and PL/I. Then, find out how to reuse existing business logic without the risk and cost of rewritten material to be used in newer technologies.

      Attend this webcast to learn how to:

      • Reuse, host and modernize applications assets written in C/COBOL and PL/I 
      • Extend application assets into SOA environment through web services 
      • Enable mobile CICS style applications 

      Thursday, April 24, 2014
      Title: The Right-Fit App Server for your Cloud and Mobile Future
      Time: 11:00 am US Eastern


      Are you looking for the most dynamic, lightweight, flexible and right-sized application server. One that provides both lean development and efficient/scalable production environments? Sure you are, and on April 24th, learn about the latest enhancements to the industry leading WebSphere Application Server.


      • How developers’ lives become easier 
      • Why and how to prepare for Cloud and Mobile optimizations 
      • How a new continuous delivery model comes to life through the WAS Liberty repository 
      • About connecting SoE apps to backend zOS resources 
      • To expand your partner ecosystem 
      • About a mobile administrative experience for WAS Liberty 
      • What new JEE7 components are being delivered 
      • The importance of caching for scaling your business 
      • and more 

      Attend to learn about IBM's Right Fit App Server.

      You don’t want to miss getting an early view of the improvements being announced at Impact 2014!

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