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      Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2014
      Title: Proven strategies for powerful B2E mobile apps: Industry, security, and ERP considerations
      Time: 12:00 pm US Eastern


      Uncover the potential of high-performance mobile apps that turbocharge your operations and improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration across your organization. Attend this webcast and hear use cases of business-to-employee (B2E) mobile applications in various industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and retail distribution. Inspect the unique mobile-related goals, criticalities, and limitations faced by specific markets and learn ways to calculate the return offered by mobilizing particular operations in your own organization.

      Attend this webcast to:
      • Hear industry-specific mobile case studies by enterprise mobility leader Indusa, and see a demo of a field service app developed from IBM Worklight that increases the productivity of after-sales service operations by more than 20%. 
      • Learn how to best evaluate which specific operations will reap the greatest ROI from mobilization (and stop playing guessing games). 
      • Gain insight into the unique B2E mobility goals set forth by different industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and retail distribution. 
      • Explore the future of mobility and the implications that emerging technologies, such as geofencing and the Internet of Things, could have on your organization. 
      • Learn the right ways to overcome common mobility limitations—including security & compliance, data transfer, connectivity, LOB integration, and offline access—and come up with the best approach for your business.

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