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      Date: September 23, 2014
      Title: Achieve a Best-in-Class Mobile Network with Your Ideal Match of Legacy Systems and New Technologies
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Envision the power of your customer interactions once your legacy systems are linked with hyper-modern applications—and then extended into a mobile network. Examine the steps required to pair the strengths of your existing assets and the best new technologies to meet your specific IT needs.

      Learn how your ideal external-to-internal workflow includes mobile delivery of data and communication between customers and staff. Examine use cases that illustrate how two companies link audience needs, field staff, delivery schedules, and service requests through comprehensive networks.

      Attend this webcast to delve deep into the aspects of an incisive, attainable mobile environment, including:

      • The options for integration tools that maximize the best of your legacy systems 
      • Tactical planning for enterprise data storage, ownership, and quality management 
      • Data delivery mechanisms for actionable use of IT reports and business intelligence 
      • Mobile assets that serve customers and field staff with superior experiences

      Date: September 30, 2014
      Title:  Make applications responsive and easier to scale: Introducing IBM MQ Light
      Time: 11 am US Eastern


      Application developers of today frequently try new apps and concepts that exist outside of their companies’ core business systems. They pick technologies best-suited for their unique circumstances and favor quick access to tools. When it comes to application delivery, you can’t ignore the importance of messaging runtime. Attend this webcast to find out how IBM MQ Light and IBM MQ Light for Bluemix— the new lightweight messaging solution that can make applications more responsive and easier to scale— provide a simple messaging API that developers can install, configure, and use to write applications in just a few minutes. Learn more from the creators of this tool on how it will help developers accelerate application delivery and evolve with the times.

      Webcast attendees will:

      • Gain an understanding of IBM MQ Light’s features and benefits 
      • Learn why and who should use IBM MQ Light and how is it different from IBM WebSphere MQ 
      • Delve into the different deployment options of IBM MQ Light, including deployment in the IBM Bluemix Cloud to take advantage of a managed cloud service as well as enable future deployments to use IBM WebSphere MQ 
      • Understand different use cases of MQ Light 
      • Step through a demo on how to get started on the journeyDate: September 

      Download MQ Light for free.

      Date: October 14, 2014
      Turbocharge your middleware performance: Tips for affordable issue identification and resolution
      Time: 12 pm US Eastern 


      There are steps you can take to supercharge your middleware application performance, improve visibility, and reduce faults. Attend this webcast to get tips and tactics to enhance the availability and performance of applications that utilize messaging middleware, SOA appliances, brokers and application servers.

      See how to diagnose real-life problems that occur in middleware environments and resolve them before users are impacted. Detect and alert on sluggish system performance for environments using IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere DataPower, IBM Message Broker and IBM WebSphere Application Server (IBM WAS). Take a look at how to gain visibility of pending issues in complex middleware deployments and understand these in a business context.

      Watch this webcast and discover how to:

      • Monitor performance trends in real-time using swift, almost immediate analytics 
      • Track messages through IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere DataPower, IBM Message Broker, and IBM WAS and gain deeper visibility and the root-cause of problems 
      • Provide secure web-based access to IBM WebSphere MQ to users outside the MQ Admin group