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      Date: Thursday, July 23
      Title: Modern application development with a blazing fast, highly secure application server: A WAS Liberty deep dive

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      WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile is a simple-to-use, powerful application server for increased productivity. Attend this webcast and learn how its composable nature makes it perfect for all environments – small or large, development or production, cloud or on-premises. Get a feel for how the developer-friendly and production-ready runtime works for web, OSGi, and mobile applications. See how extremely fast restart times coupled with a small footprint and ease of use make the Liberty Profile a great option for your application requirements.

      Join this webcast to learn about:

      • Pre-built and extendable Liberty Profile Docker images and support for running in Docker containers to accelerate software deployment in hosts containing Docker engines 
      • Liberty’s Java EE 7 components, including JSP 2.3, JDBC 4.1, and an API enhancement in support of Java API for WebSocket 1.1
      • Liberty’s support for Java SE 8
      After the webcast, learn how to get access to hands-on labs to jumpstart your application development projects right away.

      Date: Thursday, July 16
      Title: Scale your IT systems to meet the demands of mobile, cloud, and analytics with IBM Integration Bus

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      The dynamics of the IT landscape are rapidly changing, and IT departments are faced with the challenge of maintaining flexible, high-performing systems that enable greater value without disruption to business activities, employees, or customers. Join this webcast to learn how IBMIntegration Bus (IIB) can help bridge the gap between business-critical systems and the evolving macro trends like mobile, cloud and big data without sacrificing performance and scalability. 

      Attend to also learn how to: 

      • Provide business users with real-time information for more informed decision making
      • Leverage the latest cloud, mobile, and analytics enhancements in IIB v10
      • Use the IIB Healthcare Pack to accelerate development and deployment of integration solutions 

      Date: Tuesday, June 30
      Title: Implement gamification that engages users and boosts profitability with IBM Bluemix Smarter Process Services

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      Gamification can increase user engagement and provide high-quality data about your audience, but deployments that are performed incorrectly can fall flat and fail to snag users’ interest. 

      Attend this webcast to learn how to use the IBM Bluemix Gamification service to deliver an engaging experience that draws customers to your site while collecting valuable marketing data. Understand how the IBM Bluemix Workflow and Rules services drive the gamification flow and make decisions based upon business criteria. Hear how these technologies can quickly modify your gamification program based upon changing business conditions. 

      Join this webcast to learn:

      • How to easily make changes to your gamification program “on the fly” without touching your app 
      • How to create gamification programs with a high level of reusability for other game scenarios
      • How to use Business Rules services to tweak gamification programs to encourage higher profitability 

      Date: Thursday, June 18
      Title: Create modern applications to run in any cloud with WebSphere Liberty

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      WebSphere Liberty redefines the lightweight, fit-for-purpose Java runtime environment and takes it from a do-it-yourself and manage-it-yourself experience to a use-what-you-need and manage-with-confidence experience. 

      In this webcast, you’ll learn how the combination of open Java standards like Java EE 7, containerization technologies like Docker, and open source innovation provides foundational structure and the opportunity to experiment with emerging technologies quickly. Whatever your virtualization technology, WebSphere Liberty enables developers to be productive and to quickly develop and continuously deploy services to any cloud. 

      Attend this webcast to learn:

      • What is the smallest, fastest and most developer-friendly production Java EE 7 runtime 
      • How to easily include rich multimedia content using WebRTC
      • How you can deploy and run microservices on Liberty in a Docker container on premises or in any cloud 

      Date: Tuesday, June 16
      Title: Give your apps the "Wow!" factor and your users a stellar experience with the IBM MobileFirst Platform

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      In order to truly capitalize on the power of mobile, apps have to do more than provide a simple personalized front-end UI experience. 

      Delivering that unique user experience requires capturing, interpreting, and acting on contextual data, including geolocation. Learn to pull in rich information and transform it with your systems of engagement into actionable data to deliver real-time offers, be they content-based or promotional. See how the IBM MobileFirst Platform provides the ability to make your apps both personalized and contextual.

      Join this webinar to learn how to:

      • Gain insights through the use of geolocation-based data, analytics, and push notifications 
      • Deliver an exceptional user experience through integration with data from back-end systems or third party APIs 
      • Minimize effort on the back-end to free up resources and focus on user experience 

      Date: Tuesday, June 2
      Title: Tips and tricks to build geolocation into your apps and boost user engagement

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      Mobile apps that provide flat information about maps, location details, and area resources often fail to sustain customer interest. Users don’t just want to know what street they’re on; they want to know who and what is around them. Attend this webcast to get best practices into features like geospatial queries that provide much more compelling results than pins on a map. 

      Attend this webcast and learn: 

      • How to build geolocation into your mobile app strategy to boost and sustain user engagement 
      • How to provide end-user experiences that seamlessly integrate every detail about your business 
      • About the options for spatial queries provided through Cloudant including how it can enrich geospatial queries 
      • Details on how and why to use spatial queries with results based on bounding polygons, rectangles and circles or ellipses 
      • How to leverage predictive path analyses to identify points of interests near your mobile app users 

      Date: Thursday, May 28
      Title: Secure and optimize the delivery of your mobile applications, APIs, and cloud infrastructure APIs: Learn about the newest enhancements on IBM DataPower Gateways

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      Learn how a single, converged gateway can help you reduce costs while improving security. Explore the new mobile and cloud capabilities provided by IBM DataPower Gateways that provide additional deployment flexibility and enhanced security of mobile applications. 

      Find out how the modular and extensible gateway platform allows you to secure, integrate, control and optimize a full range of workloads and get best practices to rapidly expand the scope of valuable IT assets to new channels and use cases. 

      In this session, you will learn the unique DataPower firmware’s capabilities to: 

      • Deliver security and integration gateway capabilities on the cloud 
      • Increase the integrity and confidentiality of mobile workloads with enhanced mobile security 
      • Protect against malicious attacks with robust platform security 

      Date: Tuesday, May 12
      Title: Understanding IBM MQ Deployment Choices and Use Cases

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      Over the last five years, there has been an explosion of choices for deploying IBM MQ and other messaging options. The product structure has changed and more advances have been made in the environments in which MQ is being deployed, such as the cloud and virtualized environments. Learn about the range of choices for deploying IBM MQ capabilities on premises, - in the cloud, or in appliance form factors.

      Join this webcast to gain best practices for selecting the appropriate messaging option for each use case.

      Attend this webcast to learn about:

      • Enterprise messaging and what makes IBM MQ Advanced different
      • Rapid-to-deploy and easy-to-manage IBM MQ Appliance for enterprise and remote deployments
      • MQ Light, which enables developers to build more scalable and responsive applications
      • Supporting cloud deployments with MQ on the Cloud as a Service

      Date: Tuesday, May 5
      Title: Productivity through Smart Self-Service for IBM MQ and IIB: Delegate and Collaborate

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      Modern IT departments are juggling larger workloads each year. Yet if IT is answering all tickets and questions for every project team, bottlenecks are inevitable. These ultimately amount in delayed or cancelled projects. 

      Attend this webcast to learn how to manage an IT ecosystem with an emphasis on visibility, collaboration and delegation, maximizing resource productivity. Position individual users and teams to take actions on their own, eliminating the bottleneck of waiting for a central administrator to make minor changes–all while preserving corporate security policies. 

      You will get tips on how to:

      • Grant users their own virtual environment to view messaging transactions and provide visibility to only what is relevant to their project needs. 
      • Allow users to collaborate by sharing these virtual environments amongst project team members across various middleware technologies. 
      • Quickly and easily configure user permissions to enforce corporate policies within each project and maintain a complete audit trail of user actions.  
      • Gain time by levering all project members in parallel rather than having them wait in a queue.  

      Register today and gain an understanding of how MQ and IIB management can be a secure and user-friendly practice for the entire enterprise, from the target servers to the user desktop. 

      Date: Tuesday, April 28
      Title: What’s new in IBM Business Process Manager 8.5.6

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      Process improvement can appear a daunting prospect in an intricate business network, but companies that gain greater visibility into business operations stand to benefit from streamlined operations and reduced costs. IBM Business Process Management (BPM) allows enterprises to discover, document, automate, and continuously improve business processes. 

      Join this webcast to find out about the capabilities in the newest version of IBM Business Process Management and IBM Business Monitor. BPM 8.5.6 has improved Enterprise Quality of Service by introducing new migration facilities, platform management and a variety of architectural and usability improvements. 

      Join this webcast to learn about: 

      • New case management enhancements, including better support for BPM-ECM integrations and the ability to link cases and process instances. 
      • Federated Portal infrastructure, supporting migration and isolation scenarios and allowing businesses to massively scale their BPM environments. 
      • Additional capabilities allowing customers to integrate a mobile UI with their business processes. 

      Date: Thursday, April 23
      Title: Perception is reality: How to track user sentiment and continuously improve your mobile applications

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      Learn how the IBM MobileFirst Platform can help you to track public perception of your mobile apps by monitoring the public app stores, analyzing and categorizing user feedback into useful metrics that help you to spot emerging trends, and quickly address performance issues before they cause lasting damage to your user experience and your company’s reputation. 

      Join this webcast to learn: 

      • How to monitor your application’s public perception via a cloud-based service. 
      • How to spot emerging trends before they become larger issues.
      • How you can quickly remediate those problems and continuously improve your apps. 

      Date: Thursday, April 16
      Title: Simplifying the registry experience: Inside the new WebSphere Services Registry & Repository (WSRR) 8.5.5

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      Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) allows businesses to achieve greater agility, but companies with SOA metadata spread across several locations deal with difficulties in accessing the information and using it in automated processes. In order to fully leverage the power of an SOA, a single point of reference is necessary to effectively manage and govern service data.

      WebSphere Registry and Repository 8.5.5, now generally available, has simplified the registry experience. Attend this webcast to learn about the new release and its enhanced features that allow for a greater ease of use.

      Attend this webcast to learn about:

      • The new single-service view which has all service information at your fingertips.
      • How to easily register new and existing services, including tremendous speed up in the loading of technical information such as WSDLs and XML Schema Definitions.
      • How to register consumption of a service with automatic creation of Service Level Agreements.
      • The ease of loading several new services into the registry from a spreadsheet.
      • The new, simplified service management profile and out-of-the-box service consumption reports that are now available.

      Date: Tuesday, March 24
      Title: Expand Your IBM MQ Management with Self-Service, Tracked Messages, and More

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      The IBM MQ family of products has evolved into powerful, complex resources—at the same time it has made the MQ Administrator’s life more complex. The applications groups will want to know why their middleware applications have not behaved as expected and therefore the MQ team must prepare to track messages in order to provide the application team with their answer.

      Equipping the DevOps stakeholders with self-service where they can diagnose, test and replay messages can reduce the load on the MQ team at the same time it helps development and test groups. Discover where you can leverage your knowledge of both MQ and other resources to create a complete picture of the technology that supports each decision and action the business encounters.

      This webcast highlights:

      • What capabilities beyond just monitoring MQ exist and how can you leverage them in your organization.
      • How does going beyond monitoring in environments provide benefits to you
      • What value does Nastel offer that can be utilized by your organization to reduce overall cost

      Date: Thursday, March 19
      Title: Best practices to extend business critical traditional language applications on distributed platforms to cloud and mobile

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      Sooner or later you’re going to have to modernize the applications at the heart of your enterprise – many of which may be written in traditional languages like COBOL. Join this webcast to learn how to save time and money getting your core applications ready for cloud and mobile devices using TXSeries to reuse existing business logic. 

      Attend this webcast and learn how to: 


      • Reduce the risk associated with modernizing your COBOL, C, C++, Java, and PL/I applications for cloud and mobile 
      • Take advantage of in-bound SOAP support in TXSeries to extend your core COBOL applications to your customers’ mobile devices to ensure 24/7 access to your business applications 
      • Leverage new features of TXSeries delivered on SoftLayer including enhanced platform coverage, improved operational efficiency, and enterprise integration

      Date: Tuesday, March 17
      Title: Introducing IBM MQ Appliance: A new way to simplify your messaging infrastructure

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      Running and maintaining many messaging servers can become complex and expensive, and growing businesses need messaging that is fast to deploy, simple to maintain, reliable, secure, and cost effective. In this webcast, get an introduction to how IBM MQ Appliance provides the scalability and security of IBM MQ V8, combined with the simple setup, convenience, and low total cost of ownership (TCO) of an appliance. See how IBM MQ Appliance also reduces administrative and infrastructure costs while being fully compatible for deployment with existing MQ environments or in new locations.

      Attend this webcast to learn:

      • Details around the new messaging solution that is built to provide a simpler approach to deployment and management of IBM MQ Queue Managers with a locked-down appliance
      • The benefits and capabilities of IBM MQ Appliance, including the different models available
      • How to leverage Customizable MQ Console browser-based interface for monitoring and configuration
      • Use case scenarios in different enterprise environments
      • How the solution is optimized for the best performance and high availability--as well as how it can save customers time while reducing cost by simplifying deployment, maintenance and administration

      Date: Thursday, March 12
      Title: Boost your mobile development: What’s new in MobileFirst Platform Foundation v7.0

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      IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation provides an open, comprehensive platform to build, test, run, and manage mobile applications. Join us to learn about the new features and functions in MobileFirst Foundation v7.0. 

      Version 7.0 enables more efficient mobile development, enhances user engagement, and provides for more secure system integration and the continuous delivery of mobile applications. 

      Join this webcast to learn: 

      • New flexible ways to get started with MobileFirst Foundation, including support for Bluemix 
      • How to use MobileFirst Platform Foundation to connect to Systems of Record 
      • How the platform supports node.js and provides support for iBeacons 

      Date: Tuesday, March 10
      Title: Identify and Address Organizational and Technical Debt to Enhance Release/Deploy Management


      Technical debt is usually top of mind, but do you know how organizational debt is affecting your company? Often overlooked and potentially a more impactful problem than technical debt, organizational debt has wider consequences that affect an entire enterprise.  and leaves IT and business teams with slow lead times, compliance difficulties, and sluggish infrastructure.  

      Attend this webinar to better understand how technical and operational debt can affect your organization. Get an overview of how IBM UrbanCode supports continuous delivery throughout the development cycle, from conception to production. Discover common bottlenecks and constraints to continuous delivery and learn how to look for them in your organization. Prepare to assess your current development capability and plan to accelerate cycle time, ship faster, and update software sooner.

      You will:

      • Identify common bottlenecks and constraints to continuous delivery
      • Discover 5 hurdles to removing technical and organizational debt and what to do about them
      • Gain a system to map your current bottlenecks and see your IBM DevOps snapshot
      • Focus on measureable capabilities throughout the development process
      • Hear 7 tips for ending bottlenecks and constraints 
      • Find out what to do when you discover a bottleneck you can’t remove

      Date: Tuesday, February 17
      Title: Java EE 7 and beyond: Explore new and exciting technologies in the latest WebSphere Application Server Liberty V9 Beta

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      This webcast will showcase new and exciting technologies IBM WebSphere Application Server is introducing through the continuous delivery model for production environments, as well as through the latest beta driver. New features delivered through continuous delivery model enable you to deliver continued business value to your business and quickly respond to marketplace changes. Additionally, this webinar will focus on demonstrating two new exciting technologies – WebRTC and Log Analytics using the latest beta.

      Webcast highlights:

      • Review new Java EE7 Web Profile and Full platform components available as optionally installable components for production environments
      • Log Analytics: Overview of concept, set up and configuration for ease of problem determination and Gain operational insight to make better informed business decisions
      • WebRTC: Real-time communications (rtcomm-1.0) feature enabling WebRTC development by adding video chat capabilities to an enterprise social media application

      Date: Thursday, February 12
      Title: Expert advice for seamless API security

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      APIs power the mobile economy. The demanding developer base that creates mobile applications looks to you to create APIs that will help them build faster, better, cheaper, relevant mobile applications that will help them engage their customers in the mobile economy. Attend this webcast to learn solutions to painful API development roadblocks.

      You will learn:

      • How undocumented or unsecure APIs can cause liability and security issues that can damage your brand
      • The methodology behind building rock solid enterprise grade APIs including API security, API monitoring, controlled self- discovery, and more
      • Tips to perform a controlled innovation to engage customers the right way in the digital economy
      • An understanding of why it is so critical to address liability concerns about API data ownerships whether the APIs are open or protected 

      Date: Thursday, February 5
      Title: Using Open Technology across Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data to save development time and costs

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      Three of the biggest, game changing trends are Cloud, Mobile and Big Data. They offer companies the flexibility to meet their customers’ changing demands and transform business models in new and exciting ways.

      Join this webcast to learn:

      • How Open Technologies like OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, jQuery, Docker, and others can help simplify interoperability, increase agility and improve security.
      • A more flexible way to build, scale, and deploy applications while saving time and money.
      • More about IBM’s dedicated approach to Open Technologies.
      • Details about how you can participate in the Open Technology Summit at InterConnect.

      Date: Tuesday, February 3
      Title: Explore the latest advances in MQTT: How it became the protocol of choice for the Internet of Things

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      MQTT has been around for a number of years, but it is really taking off now that it is considered to be the connectivity protocol of choice for machine-to-machine and mobile environments, particularly to transport messages in the Internet of Things.  

      Attend this webcast to learn more about this publish/subscribe technology, hear about recent advances to the platform, and what it means to the market now that MQTT 3.1.1 is an official Oasis standard. Whether you are trying to make the most of your current MQTT applications or are contemplating making the switch from another protocol, come and hear about MQTT's advantages.

      Attend this webcast to learn:

      • How to program to MQTT in Java, C, or JavaScript
      • Implementations that are available from IBM and the open source community
      • How MQTT fits into the IBM Internet of Things Foundation service in Bluemix

      Date: Thursday, January 29
      Title: Write less code: Accelerating development agility of mobile application and API services using IBM DataPower Gateways

      Explore the unique capabilities provided by IBM DataPower Gateway, IBM API Management and IBM MobileFirst to accelerate market delivery of Mobile applications and increase developer productivity.

      This session will provide expert advice on how developers can easily build mobile applications and write less code, leveraging the security, integration, and analytics capabilities from the IBM Mobile product portfolio to quickly meet business requirements for mobile channels.

      Attend this webcast and learn how to: 
      • Secure access to backend REST/JSON services and protect against external threats with IBM DataPower Gateways 
      • Enhance developer productivity using IBM API Management, to expose business assets as APIs to internal and external Mobile applications 
      • Quickly build secure mobile applications and easily manage application security using IBM MobileFirst platform

      Date: Tuesday, January 13
      Title: Introducing IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation (formerly IBM Worklight): Learn what's new in IBM MobileFirst Foundation v6.3

      With mobile beginning to lead the way in terms of transactions, the territory is rife with opportunity, but application developers can run into roadblocks because of the landscape’s ever-expanding variety of devices and operating systems, as well as form factors and standards.

      IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation, formerly called IBM Worklight, aims to help businesses branch seamlessly into mobile. The open platform, available as an on-premises or private cloud solution, allows developers to build, test, run and manage native, hybrid, and mobile web applications.

      Join this webcast to find out about the latest developments in IBM MobileFirst Foundation v6.3, including:

      • More efficient mobile development and enhanced user engagement.
      • More secure system integration and the continuous delivery of mobile applications. 
      • New flexible ways of getting started, including the cloud and iOS editions.

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