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      2014 Webcasts

      Title: The Internet of Relevant Things – Focus on the things that matter to your business
      Date: January 30, 2014

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      One of the hottest emerging technologies in 2013 has been the Internet of Things (IoT). To stay current and meet client demand, your organization’s middleware tier—including the IBM WebSphere stack of application servers, enterprise messaging, transformation engines, and perimeter devices—must accommodate every device that may communicate to or from the middleware stack. Provide visibility into the things that are important to you and get to the source of any issue without getting lost in the forest of data. 

      View this webcast and learn to: 

      • Set up views for each section of your middleware environment 
      • Ensure the proper business unit receives the correct alerts 
      • Establish policies that allow your admins to perform a variety of actions depending on their roles and responsibilities 

      This webcast isolates segments of the IoT into a compartmentalized view that matters to specific business lines or workgroups. Explore how ‘everything’ fits into your existing BYOD and cloud initiatives and still maintains the required privacy of information and transactions.

      A DevOps Approach to WebSphere Deployments - Featuring IBM UrbanCode Deploy
      Date: January 23, 2014

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      Gain insight into the newly acquired IBM UrbanCode Deploy solution for automating the deployment of complex applications in this webcast hosted by UrbanCode technical professional, Steve Boone. Discover how the implementation of an automation solution will result in a reduction of deployment failures and a faster response to customer feedback. You'll learn how to leverage the drag-and-drop process editor in UrbanCode Deploy to orchestrate a digestible deployment by choosing from dozens of pre-configured plug-in steps. 

      Step through a detailed demonstration of how the plug-in, in conjunction with IBM WebSphere Application Server (IBM WAS), enables the auto-discovery of server configuration and environment creation from an IBM WAS cell, plus the reuse of existing WebSphere admin scripts. Join us and take back control of your application deployments, reduce deployment costs and risks, and continuously deliver value to your customers.

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