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      Date: Thursday, February 12
      Title: Expert advice for seamless API security

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      APIs power the mobile economy. The demanding developer base that creates mobile applications looks to you to create APIs that will help them build faster, better, cheaper, relevant mobile applications that will help them engage their customers in the mobile economy. Attend this webcast to learn solutions to painful API development roadblocks.

      You will learn:

      • How undocumented or unsecure APIs can cause liability and security issues that can damage your brand
      • The methodology behind building rock solid enterprise grade APIs including API security, API monitoring, controlled self- discovery, and more
      • Tips to perform a controlled innovation to engage customers the right way in the digital economy
      • An understanding of why it is so critical to address liability concerns about API data ownerships whether the APIs are open or protected 

      Date: Thursday, February 5
      Title: Using Open Technology across Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data to save development time and costs

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      Three of the biggest, game changing trends are Cloud, Mobile and Big Data. They offer companies the flexibility to meet their customers’ changing demands and transform business models in new and exciting ways.

      Join this webcast to learn:

      • How Open Technologies like OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, jQuery, Docker, and others can help simplify interoperability, increase agility and improve security.
      • A more flexible way to build, scale, and deploy applications while saving time and money.
      • More about IBM’s dedicated approach to Open Technologies.
      • Details about how you can participate in the Open Technology Summit at InterConnect.

      Date: Tuesday, February 3
      Title: Explore the latest advances in MQTT: How it became the protocol of choice for the Internet of Things

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      MQTT has been around for a number of years, but it is really taking off now that it is considered to be the connectivity protocol of choice for machine-to-machine and mobile environments, particularly to transport messages in the Internet of Things.  

      Attend this webcast to learn more about this publish/subscribe technology, hear about recent advances to the platform, and what it means to the market now that MQTT 3.1.1 is an official Oasis standard. Whether you are trying to make the most of your current MQTT applications or are contemplating making the switch from another protocol, come and hear about MQTT's advantages.

      Attend this webcast to learn:

      • How to program to MQTT in Java, C, or JavaScript
      • Implementations that are available from IBM and the open source community
      • How MQTT fits into the IBM Internet of Things Foundation service in Bluemix

      Date: Thursday, January 29
      Title: Write less code: Accelerating development agility of mobile application and API services using IBM DataPower Gateways

      Explore the unique capabilities provided by IBM DataPower Gateway, IBM API Management and IBM MobileFirst to accelerate market delivery of Mobile applications and increase developer productivity.

      This session will provide expert advice on how developers can easily build mobile applications and write less code, leveraging the security, integration, and analytics capabilities from the IBM Mobile product portfolio to quickly meet business requirements for mobile channels.

      Attend this webcast and learn how to: 
      • Secure access to backend REST/JSON services and protect against external threats with IBM DataPower Gateways 
      • Enhance developer productivity using IBM API Management, to expose business assets as APIs to internal and external Mobile applications 
      • Quickly build secure mobile applications and easily manage application security using IBM MobileFirst platform

      Date: Tuesday, January 13
      Title: Introducing IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation (formerly IBM Worklight): Learn what's new in IBM MobileFirst Foundation v6.3

      With mobile beginning to lead the way in terms of transactions, the territory is rife with opportunity, but application developers can run into roadblocks because of the landscape’s ever-expanding variety of devices and operating systems, as well as form factors and standards.

      IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation, formerly called IBM Worklight, aims to help businesses branch seamlessly into mobile. The open platform, available as an on-premises or private cloud solution, allows developers to build, test, run and manage native, hybrid, and mobile web applications.

      Join this webcast to find out about the latest developments in IBM MobileFirst Foundation v6.3, including:

      • More efficient mobile development and enhanced user engagement.
      • More secure system integration and the continuous delivery of mobile applications. 
      • New flexible ways of getting started, including the cloud and iOS editions.

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