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Intelligently scale your apps to support unpredictable...
By Mandira Anand
12:08PM - May 15, 2015
When WebSphere Server Liberty profile was first introduced in 2012, many users used Liberty for Development. Since then, Liberty has traversed a very interesting and successful journey of technology advancements for development and deployment.... Read More
Responsive design and performance: Unpacking...
By Kendall Hatch
8:52AM - May 7, 2015
In April, the long-talked-about update to Google’s search algorithm that favored mobile-friendly sites went into effect. Informally dubbed Mobilegeddon, the update was rolled out over the end of April. The Global WebSphere Community recently... Read More
SilverHook powerboats race to the finish with real-time...
By Natalie Miller
1:00PM - Apr 29, 2015
The possibilities big data brings to the table are boundless, but only with the right tools to analyze and manage the vastness of this data. The IBM Internet of Things Foundation, a service found within IBM Bluemix, makes it possible for... Read More
May Newsletter
By khatch
12:06PM - Apr 21, 2015
WUG News Webcasts WebSphere News On the Web Events Education Featured Articles Sponsor Info Jobs Newsletter Archives Highlights from Our Blogs: IBM makes big steps to integrate Watson into healthcare New TechTalk:... Read More
IBM InterConnect 2015 from a z Systems perspective: Part 3
By Elena Nanos
5:10PM - Mar 16, 2015
This is the third installment in a series of articles to give you a z Systems perspective on InterConnect 2015. This article will focus on Java V8 performance on new z13 hardware, WebSphere Application Server performance on z/OS, and news related... Read More
IBM InterConnect 2015 from a z Systems perspective: Part 2
By Elena Nanos
11:21AM - Mar 11, 2015
This is the second in a series of articles focusing on announcements, developments, and innovations centered around z Systems coming out of InterConnect 2015. The article dives into API Management and Secure Gateway service in IBM Bluemix, custom... Read More
IBM InterConnect 2015 from a z Systems perspective: Part 1
By Elena Nanos
4:16PM - Mar 5, 2015
Last month, I was honored and thrilled to be a part of IBM InterConnect 2015 as a client speaker; a member of Global WebSphere Community; a co-leader of Chicago North-West Integration and Cloud Computing WebSphere User Group; and an IBM customer,... Read More
Running WAS in the cloud: A Q&A with Yakura Coffee, Dave...
By Kendall Hatch
10:18AM - Mar 25, 2015
The Global WebSphere Community recently sat down with Yakura Coffee, IBM WebSphere Foundation Product Manager; Dave Sudlik, IBM WebSphere Application Foundation Product Manager; and Stephen Kinder, BlueMix Runtime Senior Architect to discuss... Read More
IBM InterConnect 2015 from a z Systems perspective: Part 4
By Elena Nanos
3:48PM - Mar 19, 2015
This article is the fourth and final installment in a series providing a z Systems perspective on new announcements and what “a new way to think” means to customers with major investments in the IBM mainframe. This article covers... Read More
InterConnect Zone 2015
By khatch
2:30PM - Sep 15, 2014
Live from InterConnect Introduction dev@InterConnect News GWC Marketing Program Special Offers Live from InterConnect: The GWC goes to Vegas InterConnect 2015 is in full swing in Las Vegas, with 21,000 people trekking to the conference... Read More
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