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IBM brings the power of Watson to holiday shopping
9:27AM - Nov 24, 2015
As shoppers across America gear up to hit the stores for Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, IBM is giving them the ability to get a leg up on the early-morning throngs queued up in front of big box stores: rich analytical analysis... Read More
December Newsletter
1:55PM - Nov 13, 2015
Top Blog Posts WUG News Webcasts WebSphere News On the Web Events Education Featured Articles Sponsor Info Jobs Newsletter Archives Tip: What are application containers like Docker?Application containers help solve several... Read More
Q&A: Problem Determination and Performance Monitoring for...
2:14PM - Nov 16, 2015
The GWC held a webcast in late October on Problem Determination and Performance Monitoring for WebSphere Application Server. The session was popular, drawing hundreds of attendees, as well as quite a few questions. Speakers Don Bourne, STSM -... Read More
IBM reports growth in key initiatives amid falling revenue
4:47PM - Oct 30, 2015
IBM reported its 14th consecutive quarter of declining revenue this month, a drop that was due in part to the strong dollar and an earlier offloading of part of its hardware business. Amid the falling revenue, however, Big Blue continues to make... Read More
Managing Docker across your WebSphere Application Server...
2:14PM - Oct 29, 2015
The latest evolution in application development shifts from a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to one based on microservices. While it’s unclear just how popular microservices are, it’s certainly been the buzzword for developers... Read More
November Event Focus
3:16PM - Oct 26, 2015
Webcasts WUG Meetings Conferences & Seminars Event Focus Archives Don't miss our upcoming events: Problem determination and performance monitoring for WebSphere Application Server11 am US Eastern, Thursday, October 29RegisterResponding to... Read More
November Newsletter
11:43AM - Oct 20, 2015
Top Blog Posts WUG News Webcasts WebSphere News On the Web Events Education Featured Articles Sponsor Info Jobs Newsletter Archives Do you know someone who deserves to be an IBM Champion? Nominations are open until Oct 31!The... Read More
Live Q&A Transcript: Build next-gen web apps with Java...
3:01PM - Oct 6, 2015
WAS Liberty has many sample applications showcasing the various capabilities offered – including Code Rally showing the power of using WebSockets and other technologies to build a fun programming game for developers to the Liberty Cars which... Read More
Using WebRTC and WAS Liberty to enable real-time video,...
10:01AM - Sep 24, 2015
Though WebRTC technology has only been around for a few years, it’s already becoming a disruptive technology with great potential to change the way we build web and mobile apps with real-time communications. But what exactly is WebRTC, and... Read More
IBM hits an ace with tennis analytics at the U.S. Open
10:38AM - Sep 24, 2015
With a daily attendance topping 60,000, even those who made it to the U.S. Open tennis tournament in person might have been far away from each shot, stroke, and smash of the 14-day event. As it has done since 1990, IBM worked this year to keep... Read More
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