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    • Impact 2015? Not quite, but mark your calendars!
      IBM announces their "biggest EXPO ever" set for February 2015. This inaugural event merges Impact, Innovate, and Pulse into one 20,000 attendee mega-conference, IBM InterConnect.
    • Webcast: A Technical Introduction to the IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile
      Learn how the Liberty profile, added to the IBM WebSphere Application Server product in 2012, can address architectural limitations of the existing WAS product. Discover how to develop and test web-based applications with this asset that supports a range of Java technologies.
    • IBM Worklight compared to “do-it-yourself” mobile platforms
      In this whitepaper, find out how the IBM Worklight® Developer Edition plug-in compares to unsupported “do-it-yourself” options. This document focuses on tools for the development of web, hybrid and native mobile applications.
    • View the replay: Expose z/OS Assets To Cloud & Mobile Devices With z/OS Connect
      Announced at IBM Impact 2014, z/OS Connect provides a consistent, secure, high-performing way to integrate z/OS business and infrastructure assets with the cloud and mobile worlds. Virtually all z/OS backend assets can be discovered and reached using simple RESTful calls from cloud and mobile platforms with z/OS Connect.
      • WebSphere MQ Vs Apache MQ
        Learn how WebSphere MQ 7.5 and the Apache Software Foundation's ActiveMQ 5 compare in meeting enterprise messaging requirements, according to tests performed by the Edison Group.
      • IBM Digital Experience 2014
        Learn about the market-leading IBM Digital Experience software that allows organizations to create customized digital experiences that reinvent the way they engage with their most important audiences: customers, employees and business partners.
      • How IBM Is Helping To Close The Skills Gap
        GWC member Elena Nanos recommends Forbes article, "How IBM Is Helping To Close The Skills Gap," which talks about a new era of talent and what new technology you need to know to get a job in IT field or to success in your existing position.
      • Find answers to your support questions
        To supplement searching for documentation or a fix, or opening a Service Request, IBM is designing a new support experience that will efficiently find answers to your support questions. Let IBM know what technical questions you would have while using WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment.
      • Saving time with IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools
        As customer environments grow in both on-premises data centers and in the hybrid and public cloud models, the sheer amount of data that needs to be consumed and analyzed grows too.
      • July Event Focus
        Get your calendar ready with this month's events: Register for our upcoming webcasts on API management and the IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile, save on upcoming events, and hear the latest from IBM.
      • Whitepaper: 10 Simple Steps to Improve Application Deployment to IBM WebSphere
        This whitepaper offers valuable takeaways to turbocharge your IBM WebSphere application deployments. Broken down into 10 tips in three categories—versioning, automation, and integration—these practices help you shed release manuals and deliver faster deployments.
      • Education Courses have moved to the Members Only section
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