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    • September Newsletter
      Jam-packed with news, events and upcoming webcasts! Watch demos on WebRTC and IBM Worklight Foundation 6.2, and get your free trial of IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration. Browse new additions in the GWC's members-only area, and register for upcoming webcasts on IBM WebSphere MQ Light and IBM Worklight.
    • Zero-to-WebRTC with the WebSphere Liberty Profile
      WebRTC is a new set of HTML5 APIs that helps build more engaging web and mobile applications with embedded real-time communications capabilities via Javascript.
    • Enhance Your Open Source Mobile Strategy with IBM Worklight
      Learn how IBM Worklight embraces and builds on the benefits of open source, and gives you a simplified development experience with best-in-class enterprise-level service and functionality.
    • Western tech firms look to the Middle East for IT revenue, opportunity
      The middleware sector is set to grow—despite geopolitics, unpredictable oil prices, and unrest. According to U.S. research firm Markets and Markets, the middleware market in the Middle East is expected to increase from $657.5 million in 2014 to $1.028 billion in 2019.

    A Technical overview of the WebSphere Liberty Profile

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